Facility Information

Tono Mirai Zukuri College utilizes the school building of the former Tsuchibuchi Junior High School.
Built in 1990, it is a three-story wooden school building constructed from a mix of materials including wood produced locally in Tono as well as scrap materials from old private houses and traditional buildings.

Building Map

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Facility Details

  Facility Name Description
Main Wing 1. Mirai Zukuri Hall Capacity: 100 people. Former music classroom; tiered seating; floor cushions available.
2. Multipurpose Hall Capacity: 80 people. Movable partitions.
3. Kitchen (Home Economics Classroom) Workbenches (7), gas, running water, and cooking equipment available.
4. Activity Room (Art Classroom) Air conditioning and heating; sink (1)
5. Document Reading Room (Science Classroom) Workbenches (7; stationary)
Study Wing 6. Satellite Office (Telework Center) Work desks (4), video conferencing system, air conditioning and heating
7. Visitor Reception Room Air conditioning and heating
8. Classroom (2A) Air conditioning and heating
9. Classroom (2B) Air conditioning and heating
10. Classroom (3A)  
11. Coworking Space (Telework Center) Work desks (6), video conferencing system, DTP printer, security lockers (8), air conditioning and heating
12. Seminar Room 1 (Japanese-style Room) 46 m2; air conditioning and heating
13. Seminar Room 2 (Japanese-style Room) 33 m2, air conditioning and heating
14. Japanese-style Room 44 m2
Other 15. Coin Showers 6 showers (charges apply), separate for males and females
16. Gymnasium (Please inquire about usage.)
17. Athletic Ground (Please inquire about usage.)

Photographs of the Facilities