About Tono Mirai Zukuri College


外観1Tono City and Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. have been building their relationship since 2012, when they came together in efforts to promote reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Through this relationship, and while continuing to act as a logistic support base for disaster-stricken areas, the two parties signed an agreement in April 2014 to found Tono Mirai Zukuri College. In doing so, the aims were to solve challenges faced by the city—including a declining birthrate and an aging population, as well as the need to revitalize the community—and enable the mutual creation of new value by the region and business enterprises. After two years of activity, Tono Mirai Zukuri College was reborn in April 2016 as a general incorporated association in order to establish it as a parent managing body with deeper roots in the community.


ふれあうように学ぶ場“A Place of Learning Through Interaction”
Tono Mirai Zukuri College is a place of collaboration between industry, government, academia, and the public, where people with diverse perspectives contribute their knowledge to support the community’s lasting survival and growth and to generate new value for all those who gather there. For its operations, the College utilizes the communication technologies of Fuji Xerox.

The Facility

IMG_2134DSCN2847The College is housed in the building of the Tono City Tsuchibuchi Junior High School, which closed in March 2013 and is now borrowed by Tono Mirai Zukuri College. It is a beautiful wooden school building which was selected for an Iwate scenery award in 1995 and was chosen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for inclusion in its 1997 list of twenty wooden school buildings with warmth and grace. The dialogues that take place in this out-of-the-ordinary space inspire new and different ideas.

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