Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Policy for the Protection of Personal Information)


Tono Mirai Zukuri College (referred to below as “the College”) recognizes the importance of appropriately protecting the personal information provided to it by any and all individuals (referred to below as “the individual”), and it endeavors to protect personal information according to its policy for handling personal information as set out below.

■ Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent personal information from being leaked, tampered with, lost, or used for purposes other than intended, the College adheres to the relevant laws, guidelines, and internal rules, and it rigorously manages personal information in an appropriately secure environment.

Furthermore, the College provides staff members with the necessary education and training regarding the appropriate handling of personal information.

■ What Personal Information Is Used For

The personal information provided by individuals is used by the College to send emails and materials which serve as communications with the individual, guides to services, and answers to questions.

■ Prohibition of the Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The College will manage the personal information provided by individuals in an appropriate manner, and it will not disclose information to third parties except in any one of the following cases.

  • When the individual’s agreement has been obtained
  • When, in order to perform a service which the individual has requested, the College discloses information to a subcontractor to which it has consigned a service
  • When disclosure is required in accordance with law

■ Safety Measures for Personal Information

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the College implements comprehensive security measures.

■ Inquiries from the Individual

When the individual wishes to inquire about, amend, or delete personal information, the College will comply with the request after confirming the individual’s identity.

■ Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Commitment to Review

The College will comply with the Japanese laws and other regulations applying to the personal information it holds, and it will review the content of this policy as appropriate and endeavor to make improvements.


June 2016

Tono Mirai Zukuri College


If you have questions about the College’s handling of personal information, please contact:

Tono Mirai Zukuri College
Address: 4-21-6 Tsuchibuchi, Tsuchibuchi Town, Tono City, Iwate Prefecture
TEL: 0198-60-1276
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